Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Update: "Sick babies everywhere"

Br. Abdul-Karim Martin was with Br. Irfan (HHRD Director of International Projects) today. He is a survivor of the earthquake in Haiti. Please listen to his heartbreaking appeal.

The earthquake hit about 3:30 pm when he was in house.

“And all of sudden the house started shaking. Lost control. The floor cracked and my jeeps two back tires went down. I started saying La ila ha il-Allah.” He took him self and his daughter to safety. “It was unreal. It took not more than two minutes. When he looked at the houses, it was simply bricks and there were people under the bricks and you couldn't see who was screaming. Until now, the day that im talking to you (talking to HHRD Team) they still haven't recovered all of the human beings. For about seven days me and my daughter slept out on the floor. I must tell you, the capital of Haiti is finished, completely destroyed. With all the dead bodies, they have no choice but to put gas on them and burn them. There is no water, everyone is waiting for a bag of water.” “Right now people are sleeping on the streets with their babies. They don't have no clothes, they don't know have home, they don't have nothing. Sick babies everywhere, sister that's all I can tell you. The history is large, its hard to explain to you. If you watch the news you can see.”

Br. Abdul Karim related what really went on and is happening at the moment.

Br. Irfan of HHRD updated us today: “Everything is needed; doctors and medicines. Although we have more doctors here now than when we talked last time. The relief efforts are getting more organized. Its still in emergency mode. They are trying to get dead bodies out.

Alhamdulillah we have setup our medical base clinic here.

We are brining some more relief items. Every area has different needs so we are trying to meet those. The weather is not enough. Our focus will be on medical relief. In between some people are asking for food, water, and tents.”

The main focus of HHRD to provide medical help, but at the same time we will provide with the needs of food, water and tents.

Please visit our website for the complete appeal of Br. Abdul-Karim Martin and Br. Irfan Khurshid: HHRD Director of International Projects update.

They are desperate for our help. Please donate generously.

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