Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haitians in desperate need

The devastation is severe and it is still unclear of the exact number of how many people have died in the earthquake. Many are still looking for their loved ones who are missing and might never be found. Their homes and complete livelihood have been destroyed.

By now we all know that the situation in Haiti is very catastrophic and help will be needed continuously.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development has sponsored emergency medical relief teams for the victims of the earthquake.

Director of International Programs, HHRD, Br. Irfan Khurshid is on his way to Haiti.

We are in contact with one of the major Islamic Centers in Port-au-Prince and relief efforts are being coordinated.

After being on the streets, without food, shelter and basic necessities, Haitians are in immense need for anything you can donate at this point for their survival. We are accepting basic needs items for the people of Haiti. Please visit our website for more information on your nearest donation center or call 1-888 808-4357 (HELP).
Please donate generously.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development has launched $1.5 Million appeal to help the victim of Haiti earthquake

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  1. Lets join revival efforts! Our donation in any form will InshaAllah help disaster victims to rebuild their lives and their communities.