Thursday, March 25, 2010

Youth For Haiti: Gratitude with a smile...

This week the third batch of US college students, who are part of the Youth For Haiti program, are visiting our HHRD Medical Clinics and Shelter locations in Haiti;
Auj Mohammadi, Uzair Ali and Owais Nadeem are part of the group who began their volunteer work this week and shared their thoughts with us.

Auj Mohammadi is a senior biology major from the California Polytechnic State University. She immediately began volunteering at the medical clinics upon her arrival this Monday and shared her excitement with regards to the shelter construction which took place today. "We all woke up at 5:30 am we were super excited. So far we've been unloading the trailers, we've gotten tours of the sight. It was a very organized concerted effort, from the day that we got here."

Uzair Ali, a graduate student studying bio medical engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is also part of the group of students volunteering their spring break week in Haiti. He shared the lessons he's learned from the few days he's spent helping the local Haitian people, "I've seen how happy the local Haitians are even though they don't have our modern amenities. They are very grateful for what they have and I see that as an American it just makes me realize how much I have and how much more grateful I should be."

Owais Nadeem, a recent biology graduate from the University of Michigan and soon to be medical student, sees this opportunity as a tool of communication. Through the eyes of these college students the victims of the earthquake can speak of their loss. "The purpose of this trip is to create awareness that these youth would come here and return to their own communities and raise awareness, and possibly talk to the people about it, raise funds for these causes."

This third rotation of college students in the Youth for Haiti program are now focusing their efforts on building hundreds of permanent shelters to house thousands of people. Be part of this noble endeavor, the cost of one unit is $900 however any amount is acceptable and welcomed. Help give these people back their security, sense of life and normalcy; your donations can bring them one step closer to achieving these.

To listen to the entire list of interviews from our Team in Haiti, please visit

Please donate generously to this cause, there are too many people waiting for your contributions.

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