Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya...Help. Heal. Hope

Assalaamu Alykum,

There are many Libyans who are suffering due political unrest.
Thousands have died for their basic rights, while countless are wounded and injured. There are many who are living below the poverty line and dependant on their day to day wages to feed their families.

This is their time of need; Libya and countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria need our help. Please come forward and support Helping Hand for Relief and Development in carrying out their efforts to improve the lives of many by providing emergency relief to those whose freedom has come at a very heavy cost.

Though Egypt and Tunisia have found political freedom, the situation there is still volatile. People still don’t have jobs, families are still going hungry and their future is bleak.

Show your support and donate generously towards these relief funds: Libya Relief Fund , Egypt Relief Fund , Tunisia Relief Fund and Algeria Relief Fund at

-HHRD Team

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