Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please Help Libyan Refugees...

Assalaamu Alykum,

The political turmoil is not only a source of threat to Libyans but also people who have been living in Libya to earn for their families from neighboring countries.

More than 15,000 refugees are at Libya-Tunisia Border in "Ras Ajdir Tunisia" near the towns of "Ben Gardane" and "Zarzis".

Helping Hand USA - Director of International Programs Br. Irfan Khurshid is travelling to aid in efforts to provide for these refugees.

Your donations will provide Libyan refugees with immediate emergency relief.

HHRD is providing them with Tents, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Medicines, Food (including Baby Food), Hygiene and sanitary items.

They need our Support NOW!

Please donate generously at

-HHRD Team

Youth for Haiti:
Youth from the US will be visiting Haiti to volunteer at a local hospital, help construct dormitories for students and a masjid for the Muslim community of Miragoane. They will also get a chance to teach Haitian students.

Youth will gain this one in a life time experience in social and community rebuilding alongside experienced Mentors of HHRD. Youth will be travelling next week for the Youth for Haiti Program 2011.

Helping Hand has now started water for life projects. Haitian Youth come to HHRD programs to learn English for better communication.

HHRD is looking forward to start the Orphan Support in Haiti and start a Post Earthquake Rehabilitation Center.

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