Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kenya Orphan Sponsorship Program

Due to the devastating droughts occurring in the Horn of Africa, Helping Hand USA would like to shed light on one of its most successful Orphan Projects taking place in the country of Kenya.

In order for Helping Hand USA to provide aid to orphans in countries like Kenya, we rely on different partner agencies that work on behalf of Helping Hand USA, locally. Our partner agency in Isiolo, Kenya consists of five different departments which include children’s home, primary school, Islamic School, clinic, and “Baraka” farm. The house currently sponsors 404 children out of which Helping Hand sponsors 250. The children spend the majority of their time during week days at school and during the evenings and weekends the kids spend their time at the Islamic School. Caretakers are constantly present after school overlooking activities such as lay time, study time, and eating. Your donations aid in providing textbooks, stationary, school uniforms, shoes, and socks for the children. This money also helps run the organization by taking care of staff salaries, providing food for children and staff, and up keep of the building. The staff is especially trained in children’s rights which helps ensure that all of the children’s needs are met. We at Helping Hand USA pride ourselves in being partners with this charitable organization in Kenya.

-HHRD Team

(Orphan Support Program)

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