Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Helping Hand Health Response for IDPs

Medical Clinics

Helping Hand for Relief and development gave quick response for the IDPS of Malakand Division. HHRD focused on health initially. In this regard 8 medical clinics were started at various stations since May 03, 2009. HHRD is mainly focusing on the IDPs living with the host families in different districts of the area.

Current update as on June 15, 2009

Helping Hand Health Response – Previous Report (May 03 to June 14, 2009)

Mobile Health Services for IDPs Living with Host families:

In addition to permanent clinics, Helping Hand is providing medical services to IDPs living with host families in the rural areas. These IDPs are facing the health problems and unfortunately no medical facilities are available for them. HHRD focused on these area and provided 3 ambulances and a team of doctors and paramedics, who visits in different areas and set up mobile health camps to provide health support to the IDPs living in district Mardan, Swabi, Buner, Noshehra and Malakand. So far Helping Hand organized the following 37 mobile camps in different areas and treated 5113 patients since May 19, 2009. The detailed information is given below:

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