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Updated Report of IDPs June 16, 2009

Humanitarian Crisis of IDPs in Pakistan

Helping Hand (HHRD) Immediate Response

Update Report of June 16, 2009

Helping Hand is significantly making its efforts with strong commitments to provide relief to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in terms of tents, bedding, food, utensils and medical care. Helping Hand has initiated its relief operation since May 03, 2009 as the operation started in Swat, Buner and Dir districts of NWFP, Pakistan. Following is the brief illustration of the work done so far:

Helping Hand’s Activities are divided in four sectors:

  1. Helping Hand Tent villages in Meraj Colony and Jendai, Takht Bai ,Mardan, NWFP
  2. Health Services for IDPs
  3. Relief Goods Distribution
  4. World Food Program – Helping Hand Food Distribution in IDPs
  5. Free Transportation Services for IDPs
1. Helping Hand Tent village

Meraj Colony; Takht Bi – Mardan, NWFP
Helping Hand has set up a tent village for 1000 IDPs with some unique aspects at Meraj colony, Takht Bai - Mardan. After the set up of tent villages Helping Hand has provided food, utensils along with clothing and bedding. The tent village is accommodating over 1000 IDPs.

Sub-camp for 200 IDPs at Jandai, Takht Bai – Mardan, NWFP

Helping Hand has set up a tent village for 200 IDPs at Jandai where initially the shelter and food along with bedding and utensils have been provided. The tent village is accommodating over 200 IDPs.

Helping Hand is providing the following salient features in both the Tent villages at Takht Bai, Mardan:

Salient Features

  • Camp is divided in to 20 family compounds, covered with Parda Wall (green house net). Close relatives can enjoy their privacy within the compound.
  • 03 Gas stoves & washing area is provided in each compound.
  • Sun shade has been fixed over the tents to protect them from severe hot weather.
  • Education, Middle school for girls and boys.
  • Provision of books, stationary, School bags etc...
  • Tuition centre for High School students.
  • Play ground for students.
  • Play area for kids.
  • Clothing: 04 suits will be provided to each family in the camp.
  • Social Services, Community Centre.
  • Health: 24 hours Medical services are provided in the camp.
  • Hygene: Provision of Pampers, Higene pads, Soap bars, water purification teblets etc.
  • Vocational Training Centre: 10 sewing machines will be provided to selected IDP's for income generation purpose.
  • Livlihood Support: 05 small shops will be handed over to selected IDP's in Camp Area.
  • Employement: Most of the employees in camp management are selected from IDP's.
  • WATSAN: 02 bore holes are being used for water.
Other Basic Facilities are as under:

2. Health Services for IDPs
Helping Hand for Relief and development has given an immediate response to the IDPs of Malakand Division. Helping Hand focused on health services initially. In this regard 8 medical clinics and 37 Mobile Medical Camps were started at various stations since May 03, 2009. More than 15724 patients have been treated in the health clinics and Mobile Camps and provided free medicines.Helping Hand is mainly focusing on the health facilitites of IDPs living with the host families in different districts of the area.

Key health services for IDPs:
In health sector, the following key services have been provided in different areas where IDPs are settled independently or with host families.

  • Health Clinics
  • Mobile Medical camps
  • Free Medicines
  • Ambulance Service

Health Clinics

Daily Update – as June 16, 2009

Health Clinics - Combined Report Up till June 16, 2009

Mobile Health Camps

In addition to permanent clinics, Helping Hand is providing medical services to IDPs living with host families in the rural areas. These IDPs are facing the health problems and unfortunately no medical facilities are available for them. Helping Hand focused on these area and provided 3 ambulances and a team of doctors and paramedics, who visits in different areas and set up mobile health camps to provide health support to the IDPs living in district Mardan, Swabi, Buner, Noshehra and Malakand. So far Helping Hand organized the following 37 mobile camps in different areas and treated 5113 patients since May 19, 2009. The detailed information is given below:

Ambulance Services

Transportation of patients is a serious problem from the effected area to the safer points. Helping Hand is providing ambulance service for each medical camp. The patients referred are facilitated with ambulance service from medical camp to the referred nearby hospitals.

3. Relief Goods Distribution

Helping Hand team consisting of professional field staff and volunteers is efficiently working on different projects for providing relief to the IDPs living in camp and with host families. As long as the distribution of relief goods is concerned, Helping Hand has distributed relief goods in 6330 IDPs living with the host families at various locations in NWFP and other parts of the country as well. The details of the relief distribution in IDPs are as under:

1. Food Package for one month

  • Items: rice, sugar, tea, lentils, flour, cooking oil, salt and cooking spices
  • Cost: $70/each package for each family without meat.

(the cost of food package with meat for one month is $100 (only for tent village)

2. Utensils Package one time

  • Items: water cooler, glass, tub, plate, spoon, frying pan, saucepan, knife
  • Cost: $25/ each package for each family
3. Bedding Package

  • Items: quilt, comforter, pillow, bed sheet, nylon mat, mattress
  • Cost: $70/ each package for each family

Detail of distribution in the following areas to the IDPs with the host community is as under:

4. World Food Program (WFP)– Helping Hand Food Distribution in IDPs
Helping Hand has started distribution of food in internally displaced families with the collaboration of United Nation WFP in district Mardan. Initially about 40560 IDPs have been targeted to provide food for one month. The project is launched initially for 3 months and likely to be extended for 6 months.

Food Distribution in Chargulli, Mardan

5. Free Transportation Services for IDPs

Helping Hand has provided transportation facilities to the victims of the recent humanitarian crisis even in the critical situation of the area. Till now more than 5,000 people have been transported to safer parts of the area. A total of 10 vehicles have been used to transport the displaced people from Mingora to Batkhela and Tamergarah. Due to the lack of transportation facility, the People were reaching at various points after a long journey on feet in order to save their lives.

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