Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti Update: February 2nd, 2010

Dr. Anees Mohammad from Florida, is volunteering his time to help the people of the disaster hit Haiti. The HHRD Medical Camp has been in operation. We ve established small clinics in more masajids now.
The biggest problem right now is of water and sewerage.
The most common problem in many Haitians is post trauma; infections of limbs, cellulitis and abscess. Kids and women have gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, pneumonia, and 60% of people are complaining of flu like symptoms and throat infections.
There aren t resources available but many young girls have been found clinically pregnant. Young women have STDs, very common amongst teenagers.
During the update he lists a long list of antibiotics and medications that are needed most; anti anxiety medication, hydro-cortisone cream, medication for bronchitis, pneumonia, and infections are a few.
Dr. Anees says, We need more doctors here. They can stay here at least one week. We ve established the clinic. But we need more doctors. Today we have one doctor Yesterday we had four doctors. Insha Allah within few days we will have more doctors. We also need volunteer workers. Midwife and nurses are also need at this time.
Situation is just like Pakistan, like the earthquake in Muzaffarabad. The people are very poor. Many old women have gone to the clinic; they have sleep depravation and have anxiety.
Br. Irfan Khurshid s Update:
We ve started getting doctors; we have many more medical camps now . We have treated many patients in Port-au-Prince. Still everything is needed, especially food and drinking water. Many agencies are providing that now alhamdulillah. But our focus is on medical assistance. We are concentrating on setting up medical clinics, delivering medications and treating patients.
Please donate to the most needed HHRD medical clinics for the people of Haiti. They are in need of continous support.

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