Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiti Update February 5, 2010

The phone connections are poor in most places in Haiti. The schedule is grueling for the HHRD Team, even then Br. Irfan Khurshid: Director: International Projects; was able to give us a few minutes to update us on the situation in Haiti.

Alhamdulillah, HHRD doctors have been setting up clinics every day in different locations in Haiti. They start seeing patients in the morning and return by 5 pm, to their base medical clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Though, we are able to collaborate with UN now for treatment and medication, there is still immense need for more doctors and medicines.

To view much needed list of medicines, please visit:

Most of the agencies, including UN, are working in so called "safe" compounds where most vulnerable population has no or very little reach. HHRD s field team, with arrangements of their own security personnel, is reaching out to sick and poor of Haiti where treatment is inaccessible.

HHRD's field team is under the leadership of Dr. Muhammad Anees and Br. Irfan Khurshid. They treat hundreds of patients a day. And hundreds are left untreated due to shortage of doctors and medication. Please help spread the word and convince Muslim professionals to come out and help us help the helpless.

For detailed updates and information from Haiti, please visit:

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