Friday, February 12, 2010

Update: February12th, 2010 Haiti a Month Later

Today marks the day when one month ago Haiti was hit with a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Their lives changed within a matter of minutes. Homes were shattered, buildings were flattened and many people lost their loved ones.

Food and water is slowly getting to Haitians now, but an increasing number of medical problems like post trauma, limbs and respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, pneumonia, and 60% of people are complaining of flu like symptoms and throat infections. Millions are living in unsanitary conditions, cultivating more infections by the day.

HHRD s contribution toward Haiti Relief:
Immediate Emergency Response: HHRD Team left for Haiti immediately after the earthquake on January 16th, 2010.

Food Distribution:
There have been consistent distributions since HHRD Team got there; of food packages and basic necessity items that include: food, drinking water, baby milk, powder milk, rice, juice boxes and tents.

HHRD Medical Clinics:
HHRD is currently operating six rotational clinics, treating more than 2,000 people every week.Volunteers and HHRD Medical Team had been initially staying on the border of Haiti in Santa Domingo due to safety issues. They travelled into Haiti, making a 7 hour trip every day and returning by night, due obstructed roads. Despite the security issue within Haiti, HHRD Team was successful in setting up a Medical Clinic in Port-au-Price and several Mobil Clinics.

HHRD Medical Professionals:
There have been a team of doctors that have made trips to Haiti to serve in the Haiti HHRD Medical Clinic. A female doctor is available to tend to women s health issues.

Haitian Muslim Community:
HHRD sets up Mobil Clinics at 5 Masajids in Haiti and is working closely with the Haitian Muslim Community to analyze what needed most.

5 Hour Live Worldwide Telethon:
Helping Hand for Relief and Development held a LIVE Telethon for Haiti earthquake victims in partnership with ARY Digital on Saturday January 30th, 2010 from 12:00 PM 5:00 PM. The LIVE Telethon aired worldwide in US, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Pakistan.

In-Kind Donations:
Helping Hand for Relief and Development is actively, collecting In-Kind donations for Haiti earthquake victims in collection center all over USA.

Appeal: HHRD has launched a $1.5 Million Appeal for the 3 million people in Haiti earthquake.

Listen to an update from Shahid Hayat, Executive Director HHRD at

HHRD wants to continue this effort. Please donate generously towards the Medical Treatment of Haitians.

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