Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hait Update February 10, 2010: Ongoing Medical Efforts

A remarkable number of people died and were injured during the earthquake in Haiti. Alhamdulillah, aid is getting to Haitians in form of food and drinking water, but they are receiving limited medical help.

Health crisis in Haiti enters a deadly new phase By FRANK BAJAK, Associated Press -

Many have minor injuries but will turn into life threatening ailments if left untreated. Helping Hand for Relief and Development has aggressively been working on the Medical Assistance Program. HHRD Team has been visiting remote areas within Haiti; they setup a Mobil clinic in different areas every day, to give access to health care to as many affected Haitians as possible.

Complete interviews can be accessed on HHRD Haiti website: or

Br Shahid Executive Director HHRD

On Friday afternoon he left from Detroit to Santa Domingo, drove eight hours and arrived in Haiti Port au-Prince on Saturday night. Before he got there Br. Irfan Khurshid and Dr. Anees had set up and running mobile clinics. After the earthquake there have been many diseases and infections affecting Haitians and many are depressed. Every day HHRD Team goes out and sets up medical camp, they have now set up permanent schedules, so people would know when they are coming and can visit them from their camps. Br. Shahid made an appeal from all donors to donate money for medicines so we could continue the clinics.

Dr. Marie Danielle First Female HHRD Medical Camp Doctor:

She is a local Haitian doctor. Her help was much needed as many female patients needed her attention. She told us that Haiti still requires a lot of medical help; doctors and medications are still needed because the situation for Haitians is continuing to be difficult.

David Wilkerson Pharmacist - A Plus Pharmacy:

Dr. Anees contacted him right before leaving to Haiti with HHRD. He wanted to take medicines with him. He sent with Dr. Anees all the medicines that were requested and donated items that him and his wife thought would be of necessity. They sent over the counter household medication, antiseptics, soaps, tents, cots, things that are very valuable when you don t have them. Mr. Wilkerson explained told us that Dr. Anees just came back and said that he didn t realize how poor these people were. Dr. Anees was also a volunteer during the earthquake relief effort in Pakistan, but he explains Haiti as a different level of disaster. We would like to thank him on behalf of HHRD team.

Dr. Irfan Khan: President of Islamic Center of Santa Domingo:

Studied medicine in Santa Domingo and has been living there for years. His Islamic Center has been vital in allowing HHRD to operate in an organized manner to carry out relief efforts in Haiti. Dr. Irfan Khan told us that, Helping Hand has done a lot from the beginning until now. Hope this will continue. InshaAllah with the help of generous donation we can provide treatment for the very distressed in Haiti. He left us with this note, Br. Irfan [Khurshid, Director of International Programs HHRD] work was more impressionable that any one who came here.

Also, please listen to updates from Br. Irfan Khurshid and Dr. Idrees on our main Haiti website:

Thank you for your continuous support.

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