Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emergency Pakistan Flood Relief: 2.5 Million affected...

Assalaam Alykum,
The situation is getting worse by every passing moment. The death toll has passed 1400 and has affected over 2.5 million people across Pakistan.
According to Helping Hand USA’s Emergency Response Team, thousands are stuck on rooftops and have no way of getting anywhere. They have limited access to survival, are facing starvation, snake bites and water borne diseases.
While, the situation may turn from bad to worse as lack of drinking water is a constant threat for health of millions.
People from the remote areas are walking 8 to 10 hours to reach a market where food is available. Although many newly homeless people are staying with relatives; some are sleeping out in the open. They also observed that many people are continuously traveling through very dangerous hilly areas to get food.

The community members said that the flood has taken away everything they had. They lost their houses, shops, and livestock. They cannot reach other areas due to paved roads being destroyed and bridges being completely damaged.
They are facing food and water shortage and in coming days their food will be completely finished. They don’t have shelter either.

Helping Hand Response:
Helping Hand for Relief and Development’s emergency response team is present in the affected areas, helping flood victims with food items and health assistance.
Food Aid: Initially, HHRD distributed food items in 620 families in Noshehra and Charsadda. You can help by donating $50 for a food package: This food package can feed a family of 6, for a week.
Health Assistance: HHRD has begun providing emergency health access to affected communities in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab . Every day, more than 500 patients are receiving consultations and medicines at HHRD’s medical camps.
You can help by donating $500 that will used in the clinics for a week of treatment.
Shelter: A contribution of $150 will provide shelter for a family in this difficult time.
HHRD is mobilizing every possible resource to fulfill the immediate needs of flood victims.
HHRD appeals to all those who hear about this catastrophe to come forward and donate with open hearts. Please keep them in your duas and forward this email to all you friends and family.
For latest updates and information, please visit and
donate generously towards Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.

-HHRD Team

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