Monday, August 2, 2010

Pakistan Flood Relief: Emergency Appeal...

Assalaam Alykum,

The latest death toll has reached 1400 and counting.

1,000,000 people have been displaced.

Thousands are stuck on rooftops and have no way of getting anywhere. They have limited access to survival, are facing starvation, snake bites and water borne diseases.

Pakistan is an emergency situation, and the worst is yet to come; heavier monsoon rains are expected in coming days.

Before the floods Helping Hand for Relief and Development was already present in the area and was running skills vocational training centers and basic health units. These are also heavily damaged now.

HHRD started organizing free medical camps for the flood affectees of Charsadda and Dir immediately right after the disaster. Currently HHRD is proactively providing Health related services at different parts of the country. This includes District Swat, Buner, Dir, Char Sadha and Mianwali.

In district Swat and Buner HHRD is providing Comprehensive Primary Health Care Services in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), (Mianwail) HHRD is running a Mother Child Health Center independently. Ambulance services are also provided in this area.

Leadership team of HHRD was present in Pakistan for the Water Conference and has now extended their stay due to the magnitude of the disaster and will help in coordinating relief efforts.

Helping Hand for Relief and Development is appealing to all those who hear about this catastrophe to come forward and donate with open hearts.
The helpless people in these floods need our help now.

For latest updates and information, please keep visiting and please donate generously towards Pakistan Flood Relief Fund.

-HHRD Team

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