Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fitra - Flood Victims need help Now...

Assalaamu Alykum,

Helping Hand for Relief and Development has announced the $10 per person amount for Fitra for Ramadan 1431/2010.

Please don’t wait till last minute to give your Fitra. You can donate your Fitra now towards the Pakistan Flood Relief victims and help with much needed funds now.

The worst floods in the history have left millions devastated. People are still being rescued from the floods even after 3 weeks.

The floods have mainly affected those whose only livelihood was their crops and cattle. The floods have caused immense losses to crops, livestock, infrastructure and damage to the roads. There will be great need for long term development and rehabilitation to the flood affected areas.

The longer it takes for aid to reach the flood victims the longer they will be exposed to water-borne diseases. The doctors at Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD)’s medical camps are already seeing great number of diarrhea and skin allergy cases; there have been some cases of cholera reported.

HHRD is present in 10 locations across Pakistan, providing foods, clean drinking water and arranging for shelter for the flood victims.

Please join hands with Helping Hand USA to provide the much needed aid to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May we succeed in Ramadan at the highest level this Ramadan. Ameen.


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