Monday, August 9, 2010

Witnessing the worst floods:A Message from HHRD President

Assalaam u Alykum and Ramadan Mubarak,

Watching a disaster of such a magnitude as the recent floods in Pakistan on TV is one thing, but witnessing it in reality is quite a different experience. I have just returned after an extensive visit of Pakistan's worst flood affected areas and can share with you hundreds of sad stories, but in short, "our brothers and sisters need your immediate help as quickly as possible".

I have witnessed monsoon rains; constantly pouring rain creating the worst floods in the history of Pakistan. The victims of these floods are now homeless, jobless and vulnerable to all kinds of disease. I saw Helping Hand for Relief and Development’s teams helping people on both sides of the river banks but they need your help to continue and expand their operations in all areas.

I was able to meet some of the victims, the hard working Pakistanis, who were doing just fine few days ago but now they are on streets; homeless and jobless but NOT hopeless. They want to start all over again but just need a little help from their fellow citizens like you.

Helping Hand has incurred direct losses to this devastating flood:

(i) One of our employees working in Dir Lower as Ambulance Driver passed away and embraced Shahadat after completing day relief activities and returning to his family. This sad incident happened while he was crossing a major flood stream on a truck, Total 70 people died in that accident. Br.Ibad ur Rehman had joined HHRD on 20th July 2010 .He was a young man of age 28.

(ii) Our Skill Development Center (SDC) for women in Madain (Swat) has been totally destroyed. All sewing machines and other equipment have been washed away by the floods.

(iii) Our Mother Child Health Center (MCHC) in Utra Kalan (Mianwali) has been flooded with high waters. The medical staff is running the medical relief camps now in open camps.

I have high hope that Pakistan will recover and rebuild, Insha’Allah, soon. But remain to see that who among us will help them in this struggle for survival. I personally encourage every one of you to help the victims of these floods as much as possible during the blessed days of Ramadan. Your reward will be multiple folds as promised by the Allah (swt).

Farrukh Raza
President HHRD

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