Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking Back 2010 - Make your tax deductible donation today

Assalaamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatahu

This past year will be remembered as one of trials and tribulations mainly for the people of Haiti and Pakistan but as well as, those who battle with poverty every day. Nevertheless, through these struggles there are stories of triumph and victory in which the countless HHRD donors, volunteers and representatives play a key role. Let's take a moment and recount these victories as we continue on this journey of recovery.

Listed below are the many projects that HHRD continues to operate across the globe.

Emergency Relief:
Pakistan: 2,482,662 meals delivered to Pakistan Flood victims. Base camp medical clinics were established in 16 affected

Haiti: 6 rotational clinics were setup for initial three months. A complete shelter village was erected with 100 shelters, 1 masjid and 1 school for the Haitian Community of Leogone, one of the most affected regions of the Haiti Earthquake 2010

In-Kind Donations: With the help of dedicated donors HHRD was able to send $3,570,000 worth of In-Kind donations to the victims of Pakistan Floods and $164,690 worth of medicines to Haiti. HHRD now has In-Kind Donation centers across the US. You may call or visit our website for more information on how to donate non-monetary items to disaster affected victims.

Health and Medical: HHRD is a top contributor in the World Health Organizations efforts in health and medical services after the catastrophic floods in the most affected areas in Pakistan in 2010. Over 150,000 medical consultations were conducted after Pakistan Floods 2010; along with 11,734 medical consultations after Haiti Earthquake 2010.

More than 1700 patients benefited by physical rehabilitation; including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and artificial limbs. Over 7000 benefited through follow-up visits.

Interest Free Micro-Financing: Your one time donation allows for interest free loans for the poor, the unemployed and the widows. That family uses that money to start a small business or buy a sewing machine for example that will become a source of livelihood for them. For those who are in difficult situations, these loans help them get back on their feet and become a contributing member of society. Interest-free loans have shown a repayment rate of 99.8%.The cycle continues and it becomes a form a sadaqa–e-jariya. The best form of charity.

Water for Life: 884 million people across the world lack access to safe water supplies. This means about one in eight people around the world are deprived of clean water to drink. A child dies from a water related disease every 20 seconds. (UN Report)
Helping Hand for Relief and Development is providing those millions of people with this basic need; one glass of water at a time. Please support the Water for Life programs at HHRD.

Orphan Sponsor Program: HHRD is supporting over 4000 orphans worldwide. This year HHRD has launched a new Orphans website that will allow our donors to view orphans’ profiles and provide each donor who’s sponsored an orphan an account for future updates. Please

Training and Capacity Building:
Summer Internship Program: A 2 month summer internships provided a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills in the field of social services where interns from across USA participated.

Youth for Haiti: With HHRD, college students went to assist in building shelters, volunteer in medical camps and taught Haitian children in small class rooms during their spring breaks from all over the US.

Ramadan: 2,481,662 meals were served across Pakistan in the most affected flood areas during Ramadan and on Eid ul Fitr. HHRD made a food package distribution among Haiti earthquake victims in Ramadan. One of a kind FITRA mobile campaign was started by HHRD. Text ‘FITRA’ to 27722.

Women Empowerment: Many women are left to make the decision of providing for their families when their lives are changed after the loss of their sole providers. HHRD helps them computer skills, vocational training and provides them sewing machines to start their small businesses to support their children.

Education: Education is a key element in alleviating poverty. It allows one to help themselves and the community.
Gaza Education Fund: In collaboration with the United Nation, HHRD is helping educate children in Gaza.
Orphans’ education can be supported by our Orphan Sponsor Program in very needy countries globally.

Global Zabiha Program: Zabiha/Udhiya/Qurbani performed in over 55 countries around the world. Last year’s contributions helped feed over half a million needy around the world; most of whom do not have the luxury of eating meat the whole year. The sacrifice was performed locally, involving the local communities and regions in the Global Zabiha Program; strengthening the bond of humanity.

Skills and Vocational Training: It is HHRD’s mission to help alleviate poverty by giving the needy tools to become a contributing member of society. HHRD’s skills and vocational training centers allow men and women to gain skills to provide for their family and future.

Come join us in making 2011 a year of further triumphs by contributing to these ongoing projects. Remember there is still time to make a tax deductible donations by December 31,st 2010 before year end receipts are mailed out to our donors.

Wasalaam Walaykum WaRahamatullahi WaBarakathau

-HHRD Team

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