Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sending food inside Libya...

Br. Irfan Khurshid, international Director of Helping Hand USA is now in Eqypt to start sending aid into Libya. To listen to his complete update interview click here.

Initially medical supplies were top priority but now food is essential. Helping Hand USA is providing food to not only the refugees at the border of Tunisia and Egypt but is also sending food supplies inside Libya where situation is most volatile.

They are in need of all basic food items. Libya borders are restricted and very little food items are going inside. It is very cold near the border where many refugees are staying.

Br. Irfan Khurshid has requested financial support for the people of Libya.

Please keep the people of Libya and all those in difficulty in your prayers. To donate towards food and medical distributions in Libya please visit

-HHRD Team

700 hot meals served in Japan

700 hot meals were served in Somo town in Fukushima Prefecture. This is close to the Fukushima Atomic Reactors, where not many people are going to help the people affected by the Tsunami.

People have been hungry and they haven’t had a hot meal since the Tsunami hit. Also, more than 500 gift packages were distributed.

Japan’s Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Abbe Shinzu visited the Helping Hand USA Distribution Site and helped with the distribution of the gift packages. The officials and Japanese army appreciated the efforts of Muslims and Helping Hand USA in mobilizing the relief efforts.

By the Grace of God and your continuing support, this activity will continue in days, weeks, & months to come.

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