Saturday, April 2, 2011

Relief for Middle East...

Libya: Helping Hand for Relief and Development is has been helping Libyan Refugees at the border of Tunisia and Libya and now is aiding Libyan refugees coming out of the Libya on the borders of Egypt.

As the situation gets more volatile within Libya, the shortage of food has increased immensely.

HHRD sending food into Libya through the Egyptian border.

Egypt: HHRD is working with local relief organizations in Egypt to better understand the needs of the Libyan refugees coming out to Egypt.

At the same time, HHRD is working closely with Egyptian partners to provide relief to the poverty stricken Egyptians.

To donate towards Libya Relief and Egypt Relief please visit

-HHRD Team

Japan Tsunami Relief:
The Japanese government is trying to contain the nuclear reactors. Due to the leakage, clean drinking water is unavailable. So many Japanese are still in shelters; dependant on the aid that comes through. HHRD is making continuous food distributions and providing basic necessity items to the affected.

Please keep the people of Japan in your prayers.

To donate please visit HHRD’s dedicated Japan Tsunami Relief website

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