Monday, April 18, 2011

Keys handed to Pakistan Flood Victims:

The worst disaster in the history was the floods of Pakistan. 25% of the country was under water. 20 million people have been affected. They are still in need of food, clothing and shelter.
After immediate emergency response, HHRD has now moved in Long Term Recuperation and Reconstruction phase for the flood victims. It is an Integrated Approach towards Rebuilding Pakistan; Clean Water & Sanitation, Home Construction, Basic Healthcare Clinics, Interest-Free Micro-Finance, Orphan Support / Sponsorship, Skills Development Centers, Schools Buildings Reconstruction, and Wedding Gift Boxes.

HHRD has made a commitment to rebuild homes for the flood affected families. Last week Executive Director of HHRD, Shahid Hayat, visited a village of Charsadda and distributed keys of the newly constructed homes by HHRD to 25 families who had been affected by floods. In all 275 homes will be constructed.

HHRD is committed to continue Long Term Recuperation for Pakistan. For more information please visit

We have several Rebuild Pakistan events coming near your commune (click this web-link to see the events: Please attend these events with your family, friends, & colleagues; learn more about this and other projects; and heartily support.

Please donate generously towards Pakistan Flood Relief at

-HHRD Team

Latest Death Toll: Japan
The National Police agency has revealed on March 11th, 2011 that 13,392 people have died and 15,133 people are unaccounted for in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami.

139,000 are living in shelters and according to HHRD team in Japan, there aren’t enough shelters in certain areas and the Japanese government is still building shelters to house those who have lost their homes.

The nuclear threat has once again escalated. Please keep all of humanity in your duas.

To donate towards Japan Tsunami Relief please visit or

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