Tuesday, April 5, 2011

US Muslims leadership visiting Japan victims

Constant power outages, increased nuclear problems, immense infrastructure damage and great number of Tsunami victims living in shelters are still the prevalent post Japan Earthquake/Tsuanmi.

On behalf of Helping Hand for Relief and Development Naeem Baig Executive, Director of ICNA Council of Social Justice and Sh. Abdool Rahman, currently the Imam of Islamic Foundation of Villa Park Illinois are leaving for Japan today to aid in Relief efforts Earthquake/Tsunami affected areas, inshAllah.

They will be leading Friday Khutbas in the two leading masajids in Japan Dar ul Arqam in Asakusa and Hira Masjid in Gyotoku. They will be meeting the Muslim communities who are helping the victims of the disaster through Helping Hand USA.

To donate generously please visit HHRD’s dedicated Japan Tsunami Relief website www.MuslimsforJapan.org

-HHRD Team

Milk sent inside Libya:
Approximately $100,000 worth of milk is on its way inside Libya through HHRD. The food will shortly reach inside Libya along with other basic food items. There is a great need for funds to help Libyans. They especially need baby milk, food, medicines and blankets.

Keep the people of Libya in your prayers, visit www.hhrd.org to donate towards Libya Relief.

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