Friday, September 30, 2011

21 Million Affected: Pakistan Floods 2011

Assalaam Alykum,
Floods this year have killed 270 people, 200,000 have become homeless and it has affected over 21 million people. The stagnant water is now a threat to widespread diseases like malaria, scabies and waterborne diseases.
Helping Hand for Relief and Development has partnered with World Vision to provide Non-Food Items (NFIs).
Ongoing Medical Camps, Mobile Clinics and Ambulances have been treating the injured and sick. An immediate supply of clean drinking water is being placed in the main effected districts HHRD is working in. Cooked food is being provided in areas where people don’t have utensils and uncooked foods are being given to people as ration for those who can make use of it.
As last year, HHRD is concerned with providing long-term rehabilitation to the flood victims to give them a sustainable livelihood from here on out. Please join the cause by donating generously at

--HHRD Team-

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