Friday, September 30, 2011

Flood Victims awaits your Help

Assalaam Alykum,
Pakistan Floods Relief is on going in the Sindh, in the most affected areas by HHRD Emergency Response Teams.
Food: 13,200 packages have been distributed, where as 47,500 cooked meals have been provided to victims.
Clean drinking water is available in the districts HHRD is helping in to those who don’t have access to clean safe drinking water.
Ambulances are en route to remote areas where limited medical help is available. Medical Clinics and Mobile health clinics are making is easier for flood victims to get treatment from diseases, like malaria, scabies and other serious infections that can be caused by unsanitary water.
There is a lot of help needed in the villages of Pakistan to uplift them from the destroyed livelihood.
Please make generous donations at

--HHRD Team-

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