Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Highlights of Ramadan and Eid from Around the World

Helping Hand’s Orphan Support Program (OSP) organized iftar parties in various clusters throughout Pakistan. The social organizers workers attained the location, arranged a full iftar meal, and coordinated invitations to the sponsored orphans, helpers, and volunteers. For some children, it was their very first fast and they were happy at the warm reception they received. The kids were beaming with joy as they received new clothes and had an opportunity to meet with their fellow orphan beneficiaries as well.

Children recited Quran, naat, and made dua especially for their donors and Helping Hand before opening the fast. Parties were held on a large-scale in masajid, and others were held in schools. Each event was individually very successful and there was tremendously positive feedback overall. Thus, OSP tries to convert every important occasion into a memorable one for its sponsored orphans.

Helping Hand USA sponsored Eid celebrations for all of its sponsored orphans around the globe. The Eid celebrations for the Kenyan children were celebrated with as much enthusiasm as the children from Afghanistan and Pakistan, mentioned in the last issue. The Eid celebrations in North Kenya, started with the Eid prayer with more than 5 million people in attendance. All the kids in the village with their elders were gathered in small open place inside their village. The activities of the day included prayer, distributions of candy and sweets amongst the children and elders, singing, and a “tug of war” games. Kids were given small toys as Eid gifts, and the elders were given new clothes. It was a day of great fun and enjoyment for the children, villagers, and drought refugees.

-HHRD Team
(Orphan Support Program)


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