Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catastrophe in Pakistan - "Urgent Appeal for Help"


Pakistan is presently in emergency situation of epic proportions, reeling due to 80 years record floods hitting many densely populated areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Baluchistan, and Punjab provinces and with heavier monsoon rains expected in the next ten days, several more parts of Punjab as well as province of Sindh are expected to get badly affected.

According to UNO, more than one million people have already been displaced from their homes, and 800+ have died.

Those displaced are facing starvation, snake bites, and epidemic diseases.

Presidents Asif Zardari of Pakistan and Barrack Obama of USA have called upon governmental agencies, as well as all NGOs to help Pakistanis during this time of immediate need.

Leading USA NGO Helping Hand For Relief & Development with the field coordination effort by HHRD’s Director of International Programs Irfan Khurshid from North America and team of trained-&-experienced workers & medical volunteers in Pakistan, are providing immediate Shelter, Health-Care Items & Medicines, Drinking Water; and Ready-to-Eat Food at several hurriedly installed camps.

Your most kind contributions of Zakat, Sadaqas, and general donations are being awaited at

For latest updates and information, please keep visiting and also donate generously towards Pakistan Flood Relief Fund 2010.

- HHRD Team

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